Coffee and Its Origins

Article and Photos by Lawrence Aritao. Also available on Medium via Even in legends, the beloved coffee plant, whose cherry yields two opposing beans, lends itself to two storylines. An ancient kingdom named Abyssinia once ruled the land we now call Ethiopia. Abyssinia also ruled part of Eritrea, and at one point, even Yemen. In this kingdom grew the plant which gave coffee to the world. Where, precisely, did coffee originate? Historical and botanical texts tell us that the coffee plant first took root in fertile Ethiopia. However, a minority report in W. Ukers’ All About Coffee says that the plant … Continue reading Coffee and Its Origins

Coffee and a Lovely Morning

I picked up a bag of Craft Whole Bean Coffee (Benguet) yesterday. When I got home, night had fallen. Even so, I was tempted to have a midnight cup, but decided to enjoy the first sip in the sunshine.  It was worth the wait.       The aroma that greeted me this lovely morning was already worth the price of the bag.    I usually enjoy coffee the simplest way possible – by the French press, with nothing added to the final brew. That was how I wanted to savor these lovely Benguet beans.       Almost ready!     All done:  … Continue reading Coffee and a Lovely Morning

Coffee and Journals!

    One of the things I enjoy the most is sipping a cup of coffee (usually single origin Mt Apo, or Benguet) while writing in a quality journal. I normally use leather journals refillable with notebooks in the A4 size. I currently use two journals – a Labrador and a Midori. They’re always in my daily bag, along with two or three of my favorite fountain pens. I’ll talk about the pens another time 😃.  Do you like to journal with a cup of coffee nearby? What do you drink and what do you use?  Continue reading Coffee and Journals!