Coffee and a Kaweco! 

    As you may have noticed from the first picture’s coffee markings (on mug), I was actually drinking the coffee while taking these shots. The love is real.  The pen is a Kaweco Al-Sport fountain pen with a silver clip. 

Coffee and Notebooks! 

I picked up a few lovely notebooks yesterday and I wanted to show them to you all– while enjoying a cup of coffee of course.          Fortunately for me, these notebooks also fit perfectly into the journal jacket I use everyday:      The paper proved excellent for writing (and drawing if…

Coffee and Pan De Sal

I hope you are all doing well. Today I had my coffee with an inimical and sentimental favorite bread:  pan de sal.     There’s a superb short story by NVM Gonzales called Bread of Salt, the literal translation of pan de sal. If you would like to read it, check here.    May your day be…

Coffee and Digestives! 

     Well, hello – again.  Yes, I had more of the Benguet coffee, but paired with digestives this time. They were wonderful.    May your weekend be as joyful as mine. 

Coffee and Journals!

    One of the things I enjoy the most is sipping a cup of coffee (usually single origin Mt Apo, or Benguet) while writing in a quality journal. I normally use leather journals refillable with notebooks in the A4 size. I currently use two journals – a Labrador and a Midori. They’re always in…