The Divine Brew: Sufi Spirituality and Coffee

by lawrenceaph

15th century Sufi monks used coffee to help them pray, dance and pursue what mattered most to them - a connection with the divine, present in all creation.

In the 1400s, Sufi monks in Yemen made a delightful discovery. They began to brew the beans of the coffee plant, creating an aromatic potion that would soon become an essential part of their spiritual rituals.

For the Sufis - the most famous of whom is the poet Rumi - love, devotion, and truth were values to be pursued in their lifelong quest for a closer connection to the divine.

Their meditations and prayers - often accompanied by music and dance - were a way to experience the divine in the present moment, and to feel the divine presence in all creation.

Coffee was a helpful tool in this pursuit. It helped them stay awake during their late-night rituals, aiding with focus and concentration.

The 15th century may seem distant, but the echoes of that time resonate today. Technology has added incredible value to our lives, but cannot supply meaning and purpose - we still must find these on our own, just as the Sufis did. I like to think of coffee as helpful fuel for that journey of discovery.

Lately, I've been finding that some of the most meaningful things are small but powerful moments. A midnight conversation with my wife where we exchange thoughts and feelings after all the kids have gone to bed. A walk around the garden with one of my children while the others are busy with their own activities. Taking time to write a few thoughts in a passion project like this one (with a nice cup of coffee of course).

May our days be filled with coffee and the things that matter most. Cheers!