Articles on Coffee and Just About Anything

Coffee is the unifying element for everything on this site. I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Coffee and Taste

Every sip of coffee is a journey of taste. But what's behind those flavors? Our taste buds detect five primary tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami. But coffee? It dances with a medley of these. Coffee experts describe its flavors using terms like "fruity", "nutty", "chocolaty", or even "floral".

Coffee and the King of England

In 17th century Britain, coffee--the beloved beverage of many--became a point of royal contention. While we lovingly cradle our morning brew today, King Charles II saw it as a threat to his monarchy.

The Divine Brew: Sufi Spirituality and Coffee

15th century Sufi monks used coffee to help them pray, dance and pursue what mattered most to them - a connection with the divine, present in all creation.

Coffee and Color

When gazing into a collection of coffee beans, one can't help but notice the spectrum of colors - from pale beige to rich, velvety black. It's not just an aesthetic charm; these colors serve as an indicator of the coffee's flavor profile and the process it's undergone.